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Cultural Literacy for Catholics

(Literature) Cultural Literacy for Catholics

What are some of the basic things all educated Catholics should know?  Sadly, most Catholics don’t know them!  From the point of view of Literature and its impact on culture, these things basic “everybody should know this” stuff would include the issues we will examine in each class meeting …

  1. The general scope of the Bible: what sort of books does it include and what’s the overall story it tells?  How does the biblical narrative fit in to the Great Empires of history?
  2. Who is Job and why do people say, “the patience of Job”?
  3. Who is Bathsheba and what happened to David because of her?
  4. Who is St. Paul and why does he writing fill so much of the New Testament?
  5. What is the Allegory of the Cave?
  6. Who were the Church Fathers and why are they so important?
  7. What were the Great Heresies and why should we care?
  8. What is a Troubadour and what do they have to do with St. Francis?
  9. What was the Reformation?
  10. What happens in Hamlet?
  11. Why do people think Descartes and Kant are so important?
  12. What is the Enlightenment?
  13. Where did capitalism, socialism and communism come from?
  14. Who was Mark Twain and why don’t people read him anymore?
  15. What are these famous quotes from great movies or novels that everybody seems to know?
  16. What was Humanae Vitae and why should Catholics know what it teaches?