The Best of Mark Twain - Kevin O'Brien's Recorded Courses at Homeschool Connections


The Best of Mark Twain


The audiobook I describe below comes from this course: Mark Twain described a “classic” as “a book nobody reads, but everybody agrees is great.”  In this course, we will be reading two of Twain’s Classics, The Prince and the Pauper and Huckleberry Finn - a
long with selections from Life on the Mississippi.


One of my latest audio books is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with Lectures for Use as a Study Guide - by Mark Twain and yours truly.

You'll get to hear me perform this remarkable novel - doing all of the character voices - and you'll get to hear the lectures I gave to my students at Homeschool Connections.  

The book will soon be available at Audible, but for now is available here ...


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