Left to right: Joseph Pearce, Kevin O'Brien, Kaiser Johnson, Maria Romine, Christine George, Benjamin Moats at Aquinas College in Nashville for the Theater of the Word production of Scenes from the Merchant of Venice.

Here is something I emailed to one of our students.  I think it might help explain more what I was trying to say in our class on Much Ado about Nothing.

It's interesting to me that even the most devout of the Devout Catholics are confused about basic things such as the connection between Faith and Reason, as evidenced by the comment of our one students who asserted they are opposite to one another.  But Faith, as "fidelity", is simply acting with conviction on Reason - which is another way of saying that Faith + Reason = Love.  We are always making leaps of faith.  The most striking example is our primary vocation, when we get married or join a religious order, but also in smaller ways; for instance, I had to trust that I really was made to be in the performing arts, and that people would pay me to entertain them and that I would be able to support a family in that way - scary though it was to act in a kind of "trust".  Mother Angelica talks about that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you do things on faith-inspired-by-reason - such as starting a television network with $300 in your pocket, as she did.  When Benedick has to say, "My reason tells me that Beatrice is right and that Claudio has wronged Hero.  And since I love her and she is my Lady, I must act on Faith.  I must be faithful; I must show fidelity to what I believe is right - and not only right, but the most important thing in my life."  Otherwise, we're always on the outside, always just treating life the way Cafeteria Catholics treat the Faith, just picking and choosing what we like when we like it, as Don John does.